LincVattic's 2016 Gift Guide

Hi Everyone,

Longtime Kotaku lurker and finally coming out of the grays a bit to actually be involved in the community. Trump winning inspired me to find some positivity today and then this secret Santa popped up. Stoked.

Anyways. Anything Nintendo, especially Pokemon or Animal Crossing would rock. I have exactly 0 amiibos but plan to start collecting some this Christmas and would love to get some cool ones. Cool ones can be anything you think is cool. Seriously, I’ll just be happy to open a gift with something Nintendo/Pokemon related in it. I’ve been playing the series since day 1 and this 20 year anniversary thing has gotten me beyond excited for the new game coming up.


I love shirts. Size large (male). I would prefer to not get any games. I have a backlog on Steam that is putting me on the verge of a nervous breakdown (I’m a completionist and I work 60 hours a week...) so while awesome, I won’t have any time to play it.

Systems I have: Wii U, 3DS (20th anniversary pokemon edition...of course), PS4, gaming PC.

Happy Holidays, folks.


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